May 13, 2009

Horrible day

Yesterday was a horrible day... So Monday night when I got home, I noticed that Paw-Paw's ear was worst. He has a big blister on his ear. Six months ago, it was small and the vet said not to worry about it... well it's so bad that he's miserable. So Pete called a different vet. Yesterday morning, I decided to take Daisy with me and Paw Paw to the vet because she'd be sick if I left her home without Paw Paw. They are always together... So I walked thema and put them in the car. Started the car and Pete left no gas in the truck! So i'm trying to get to the gas station before I run out of gas... and what happens? I get pulled over by a cop for going 45 on a 35 in a school zone. Sighs. The cop came to the window and explained the situation and I in returned apologized explaining that i'm almost out of gas, I have two crying dogs because they hate the car and I was on the way to the vet to schedule surgery for one of my dogs...

So he gave me a warning! Woohoo. After the vet, brought the dogs home and went to work to a crazy day... It just never ends.

I have to drop Paw Paw off Friday morning on the way to work for his surgery but I'm concerned about Daisy being home by herself so I'm going to ask Winnie, our neighbor if she'd let Daisy stay at her house Friday during the day to play with her dog Mr.T.

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