February 11, 2010

My Daisy Girl

I love this girl! She's my sweetie. From the first moment I that I held her, I knew she was mine. We connected from day one. I love how every morning, she's the first to jump out of bed. She'll get down and put her paws next to my head and stare at me, knowing that I'm gonna get up to take her out for her morning walk and then I will give her a morning treat and fill her food bowl. I love how she waits at the door for me each morning while Paw Paw stays in bed with his daddy. If I forget something and have to run back into the house, I hear her paws tapping down the hallway. She immediately comes to the door to see what's going on and to make sure that her mommy's okay. I love how she's always by my side. No matter where I am in the house, she's there. If I'm on the computer, she's next to me lying on the floor, or under the desk at my feet. If I'm on the couch, she's lying between my legs, snoring away. I love when I come home from a long day's work and she is jumping up and down, yelling for me to love her as soon as I walk in. I squat down, and she grabs my hands and starts giving me kisses while Paw Paw stands aside until she's gotten her fill. Otherwise she just slaps and pushes him away from me. What can I say... she's a momma's girl and Paw Paw's a daddy's boy. Sadly, he knows the rules. At night, it never fails. When she's ready to come to bed, she hops up on the bed, I lift the blanket and she curls right into my legs and she will sleep like that all night. She doesn't move or fuss for 9 hours. When she gets into something that she isn't suppose to, I know it's her because she looks at me with that innocent face with her head down, wagging her tail... I can't even yell at her most times... it's sick, I know... but again, she's my baby. The one think that she hates is the camera... She and I do not see eye to eye in this department. LOL. As soon as I grab the camera she turns away or runs off... I have to catch her when she's sleepy. She will even cover her face if she sees the camera! If I'm on the computer and she wants my attention, she will jump up and start pushing me until I get down on the floor and play with her. She has no problem demanding attention... and she know's that she will get it. LOL. So... again... I will say, I love this girl.

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