March 25, 2010

9:00 pm

So last night, I wasn't even thinking... I was drinking ice tea at 9:00 pm. Pete comes in and says " are you mad at me? or do you just hate me or something?" Me: "no why?" Him: "Well your drinking tea at night... it's gonna keep the baby up all night." Me: "I drink cofee all morning and the boy still sleeps... It doesn't even phase him." Well let me just say... oopsies! Pete just woke up from sleeping all day. I gave him the baby at midnight when he fell asleep and I went to sleep. Pete said that the baby did not fall asleep til about 5 this morning and then woke up at 9. Which at that point, Pete brought him to me with a dazed look on his face. I happily grabbed the baby and started talking to him as I slapt him on the boob. After he ate, I layed him on my chest and we both fell asleep in bed and did not wake til 12! Yea momma got some sleep and daddy didn't. I guess drinking tea after 7:00 is not a good idea!

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