March 20, 2010

Got milk?

LMAO... I am still laughing this morning when I think about what happened last night. Pete was cracking up, shaking his head at me last night when I told him what happened. So last night, I had the baby in bed with while I was watching a movie and I was feeding him during this time.

Well, the little man was pretty fussy about 9:30 and kept crying and knocking the boob away and I know he's hungry. He starts screaming and his face starts turning beet red which is unlike him... so I know something's wrong and I look down and find a drool hanging from the boob to his mouth. So I go to wipe it with a burp cloth and it's still there... and I'm like what the hell! So I look closer and my nipple is squirting milk out like a faucet! And my poor boy skept squinting his eyes and trying to move away as he kept getting squirted in the face. Just as I figured out what was happening, I slapped a burp cloth on the boob and started to wipe the little guy's face off... He was not a happy camper with mommy. LOL. But I had to laugh because I just couldn't believe what happened... lol

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh, I so know what you mean. I found your blog from CC website that I just discovered and your post cracked me up. My baby is now 8 months old and I TOTALLY can relate to most nursing stories!!!

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