March 5, 2010

More shots from this morning

You want to know what's weird? When Edward was in my belly, I have a sonogram that was done showing his hands up by his face... And whenever he's asleep, he still keeps his hands up near his face. It's very comforting for him. The minute Pete or I move his hands, he starts swinging and fussing!


Anonymous said...

Nichole he is sooooooo sweet. Can't wait to hold him. Miss you girl!

Monica said...

Oh yes, babies can be picky about how they sleep. All my kids had their arms up above them too.

What was your biggest craving with Edward?

It's funny, the things I craved with my kids are the first things they eat off their plates. I craved fireballs & oreo's like a madwoman with Gunner. Recently, he has gotten into the habit of chewing his fingernails, so we got the Thum stuff to put on his nails. It has a cayenne pepper extract in it and it's the first ingredient. That lil' stinker LICKS it off his fingers. LMAO!!!