March 29, 2010

Nice time

Yeah! Momom came over yesterday so that she could see the baby. It's been a little over 2 weeks since she has seen her grandson... This gave me the chance to run to the grocery store for food and the mall for something to wear for Easter... I refuse to where maternity! And I can't fit in any of my pre-maternity clothes... sighs... and may never be able to. But anyways, I found a dress that I loved in navy blue and it made me look pretty busty... so I got a bigger size in black. Of course I was sad because I loved the blue... but when I got home and showed the dress to momom and explained my dilema... she called another Macy's and they had the blue in my size! Yeah, so today she is taking the dress to exchange it :) woohoo. Mama's happy now! But now I have a problem... what shoes to wear!

Katie gave Edward a bath. His second "real" bath and he loved it. He only cried when he had to get out. The swimmies didn't work too well... he pooped again... sighs.

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