March 7, 2010

Today was a good day

Dad came by since he was in the area to spend time with the baby. He has to come when the girls and mom aren't here because otherwise, they won't let him hold the baby... LOL. He even dressed Edward and took him for a walk around the block since it was a beautiful day out! He said that the baby really enjoyed it. He was looking all around. Mom came at 2 with Reagan, a photographer who asked if she could come do a quick shoot of the baby. This was fabulous because a few months ago, I emailed her telling her that I wanted her to do newborn shots... but after Edward came and I realized how much we'd be spending on diapers, wipes etc... Well I couldn't pay for the photo shoot which made me sad because this was something I had wanted. But in the end, Reagan asked if she could come take a few shots for free which was a win win for both of us because she can post the shots in her gallery, and I'd promote her on my blog and when I scrapbook the photos... I can't wait to see them. She showed me one that she took of the baby and I and OMG. She's good! She took some naked shots and Pete just thought it was wrong LMAO... But he just doesn't get it. Pete's mom is here for the week. She has been rocking Edward as she reads for the past few hours. It's been a rather peaceful day! Mom has been dying to get over here. She hasn't been here in a week and it's killing her. She couldn't believe how much Edward has grown in a week. He's fattening up a little. She said she couldn't wait another week and that she will be over on Tuesday lol. I tried to keep her out of the house while Pete's mom was here but I do understand mom's pain. LOL. And honestly, Kay doesn't mind. Mom also said that Jamie (my sister) will be coming by Sunday after practice to spend the day with the baby :) I'm surprised she has waited this long. She's absolutely crazy about her nephew. Well, things have been going really well. Today I finally put on some normal clothes instead of the pj's I've been living in for the past two weeks. It felt good to dress up. Mom and Reagan said that I looked great and I actually felt great. I changed like 5 times this morning because nothing fit right... I'm healing much quicker then I thought but that doesn't mean I'm walking the stairs or cleaning and lifting... Doc said none of these things for 30 days and I am not going against her orders because I do not want to have to have surgery again! Well, I'm gonna go for now. I have no pictures to post yet... My computer died yesterday... which I do not want to talk about because I'm devestated, so the pictures will have to wait because I don't have a way to upload them to hubby's laptop.

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Monica said...

Oh I can't wait to see more pics! Sorry about the puter, that always sucks. So glad you have many family & friends to help you out, plus everyone needs to get their baby fixes. :-) Wish I wasn't clear across the country, I'd LOVE to snuggle him!

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