November 16, 2010

He is so bright for an 8 month old

OMG!! So the other day MY 8 MONTH OLD JUST TOOK 3 STEPS BY HIMSELF TRYING TO GO FOR HIS TOY!! He probably would have taken more had I not interfered... I was worried that he'd fall and bang his head on the shelf in my room.

On that same day, while I was trying to put Edward to bed, he was trying to climb over my shoulder; he was doing everything he could to get out of going to bed. I looked at him and said, "no, it's nite nite time." And do you know what the little stinker did? He leans his forehead against mine starring me in the eye with a mischievous little grin on his face that clearly stated, "mommy, you and I both know that you are not going to push this issue." LOL. So I started laughing and gave him an Eskimo kiss. Pete has been doing this with him...

So Pete will rub noses with him and say "honk, honk". And Edward cracks up... so I did it, I asked him where was my nose. He touched my nose. Then I rubbed my nose against his and said "honk, honk" and my sweet baby boy lost it. LOL. He was laughing so hard, I though he would pass stop breathing lol. And I started laughing and I repeated the process. It was about 10pm. when we were doing this and I loved every moment of it.

The boy's pretty stingy with his kisses... and boy was I surprised when I asked him for a kiss this morning, he opened his mouth wide and gave me a kiss. He made my morning.

And here he is tonight at 9:20pm. He clearly did not want to go to bed. I think he's becoming a night owl. Or maybe he is fighting to stay awake to play with mommy since mommy works all day. So I'm watching Edward crawl to where Paw paw is sitting. Paw Paw looks at him and does not move. LOL. So Edward squeezes by him, looks in my room, doesn't see anything interesting, and decides to crawl around Paw Paw back to me. LOL.

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