May 13, 2011

12 years and counting...

Here's a mini album that I created for the all week challenge at as part of their National Scrapbooking Day Virtual Celebration. I used mostly GCD Studios products. The only thing that isn't GCD Studios is the Glimmer Glaze by Tattered Angels and the Sticker alphas are from Sassafras Las. I love this mini. I decided to create a mini on my favorite moments with my husband over the past 12 years that we've been together.

Here they are:

1. October 22, 1999 when I met Pete at a shindig… he was flirting with me all day, the first thing he said to me was “How you doing” and then since I unknowingly was lying on his blanket, he said “ummm, that looks mighty tempting.” Lol, blew him off… but then my friends set me up stating that there was no room in the car and that he had to drive me to the bar that we were meeting upat…during the many drinks that I had, I kissed him… and he asked for one date, I agreed… and we were together ever since. We went to Deep Creek Lake for our first date and walked around for a bit.
2. Pete proposing on New Year’s Eve 2002 outside during the fireworks.
3. Pete and my wedding day, (May 2004)
4. Our trip to Costa Rica on the zip lines and in the natural hot springs (we had the best time).
5. Pete making me pancakes for breakfast before I had to leave for work a few time when I was pregnant.
6. Receiving flowers at work from Pete.
7. One Valentines Day, Pete had scattered gifts from the bathroom sink, to the kitchen table, all the way to the front door as I was leaving for work… (He can be a sweetheart!)
8. Pete was supposed to take my Dodge Neon in to have work done; he came home with a Spider Eclipse convertible for me… just because!
9. During the blizzard in Feb 2010, I dared Pete to run out in the snow butt naked and he ran out there and jumped on his back in 3 feet of snow. I laughed so hard, I am surprised that my water didn’t break!
10. Christmas 2003, Pete bought me clothes and a purse… I was shocked. I never had a man buy me clothes before… and besides buying me a size 0 pair of pants… all was good. I just had to exchange them. LOL.
11. One night while I was in the hospital after delivering Edward, Pete came to stay with me at night… Edward was just circumcised so I had to show Pete how to care for him… well we are both standing across each other and Edward was in the hospital cart between us and I’m showing Pete how it’s done and all of a sudden, Edward pees straight up in the air, across the room, It looked like a fountain! We laughed so hard and this is the moment when it hit us… that we were parents! I laughed even with pee running down my arms. LOL.
12. New Year’s Eve 2010/2011. Pete came into my scrap room with two glasses of champagne from our wedding to do a toast to the New Year but we had to quietly walk into the baby’s room where he was sleeping so he wasn’t left out. And then we kissed.
13. For our 7th Anniversary, you bought me a dozen of peach roses (my favorite), a lion since Edward fell in love with my tiger you bought me for Valentines Day 2009, A bottle of Riesling (My favorite), a beautiful picture display that has a beautiful paragraph of what life is and a can of beets which meant more to me… because you actually went to the store and bought a can of beets when you do not like having them in the house… You took the time to actually make my 7 year/1st mothers Day meaningful and that’s what I call real love. I love you.

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