October 14, 2011

Edward's first few days in day care

So this week the little man started day care. It wasn’t easy for Pete and I. It broke my heart thinking about it… I felt bad that Pete had to drop the little guy off in the am. And I really felt bad for Edward because Pete had to drop him off at an unfamiliar place with people and kids he did not know. Can you imagine? I can’t.

Edward’s first day was on Wednesday. Pete walked in, put Edward down and let him explore his surroundings. I was sad because Pete left when Edward was pre-occupied. I must have cried three times while at work on Wednesday because Pete just left… he didn’t say, “I’ll be back to get you later buddy” like I would have… Believe me, I know that its better just to leave when Edward isn’t looking but it’s still tough because I can feel what he’s feeling… when he turns around and daddy is gone… and he’s on his own. Argh, it’s a horrible feeling.

Wednesday night Edward woke up around 10 pm screaming so I went in to grab him because I know the differences in his cries and something was wrong. He was so upset… I think he was stressed. He had tears streaming down his face which is so unlike him. I could tell that he was tired but just wanted to be held. I held him for about 15 minutes but he did not calm down. Pete came upstairs because he heard Edward so I gave Edward some Benadryl and I gave him to Pete. Pete held Edward in his room on his lap where Edward fell asleep within a half hour. I peeked in on him and they looked so sweet. I heard Pete whisper to Edward that everything is OKAY. Doesn’t this make you want to cry for the little guy to?

Thursday was a much better day! Pete and I were curious how he would react when they pulled up to the front of the day care and walked in… I felt for sure that Edward would put up a fight if he did not want to be there… he never forgets… so I’m sure he recognized the place but he did well! He walked in and started playing. He did have a few tears at the daycare but nothing like Wednesday and Pete said that before they left the day care, Edward was blowing his teacher kisses! This made me feel better.

I think the little man’s going to be okay!

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