November 19, 2012


1. Grateful for my husband who continues to adore me and remind me that I’m annoying and nagging at times (giggles)…

2. Grateful for the Twilight series… it made me feel young again 

3. Grateful for sales.

4. Grateful for my beautiful almost 3 year old son who lights up my life.

5. Grateful for my love for reading and scrapping!

6. Grateful for having the chance to travel before having a child.

7. Grateful for having the courage and determination to earn my bachelors degree in Business Management after two hard years.

8. Grateful for having a house, a car, warm clothes and food in the house.

9. Grateful for so many fun memories with my hubby, family and friends.

10. Grateful for having friends who show up when it matters the most.

11. Grateful for boots and fun socks.

12. Grateful for my ability to laugh at things through good and bad times.

13. Grateful for my grandmother (I can tell her anything).

14. Grateful for music (it truly does the body good).

15. Grateful to keep on learning and growing and to become a better person that I am.

16. Grateful for my independence and determination.

17. Grateful to have a good head on my shoulders.

18. Grateful to have a good job when millions of people are out of jobs right now.

19. Grateful to have my Daisy girl.

20. Grateful for Creative Memories… they have helped me so much.

21. Grateful for being alive and having the things that I have.

22. Grateful for nice people who truly care about others and are willing to help others selflessly.

23. Grateful for being on multiple design teams to help with my scrappy addiction.

24. Grateful for my husband, he is a wonderful father!

25. Grateful for coffee, I need it to get me going in the mornings.

26. Grateful for my heath.

27. Grateful for God and my Guardian Angel.

28. Grateful for Wine.

29. Grateful for chocolate and Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby (good stuff).

30. Grateful for health insurance!

31. Grateful for the girls I work with, they make it fun!

32. Grateful for Lilies, they truly make my day.

33. Grateful for my sister Jamie, she is so good to my son.

34. Grateful for my sister Katie, she tries  She is me… at 16.

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