December 18, 2013

7 days...

Oh wow, I can't believe it... only 7 days until Christmas! Good thing I'm done all of my Christmas shopping. I am almost done wrapping all of my gifts too. I just need to get some stocking suffers for Edward!

The other night Edward waited for me to come home so we could decorate his gingerbread house. We had the best time making it too.

Today we went to buy our Christmas tree after we had lunch at "Famous Daves" yay! Love that place.

Edward was running all over the place like a crazy kid. He is BEYOND excited for Christmas :)

Lunch at Famous Daves was so good. Edward wanted Red Lobster instead. He was totally out numbered.

I fell in love with this little pig at the restaurant. I just wanted to unplug him and take him home.

Oh, meet "Fingo". My friend Jen made him for me and I just love him! Edward thinks it's his...

Oh and here's Fingo's buddy,Yummy.

Well, I gotta run now. I have one more mini album to make and I'm done making Christmas gifts. I have to get it done today so I can stick it in the mail tomorrow for a very important person in St.Pete's, Florida.

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