January 3, 2014

It snowed!!!

Yay, we finally got enough snow that Edward could play in. This is his first "real" snow I guess. He was all smiles. He woke daddy up just before 11am and asked to go out. The two of them were outside for almost three hours. Edward would come in so that I could throw his gloves in the dryer and then he'd run back out. Fun times. I'm so glad I didn't miss being with Edward to witness his beautiful smiles today. Absolutely precious.

He was running and tripped... He didn't like that very much. LOL.

I asked him if he wanted to make a snow angel, so he did :)

The two of them... making snowballs. Wanna know who their enemy was? Me! The photographer. Hehe.

Here he comes...

Oh and I like that he volunteered to clean my car off... Teach him young.

He LOVED the igloo daddy made him. Daddy spent almost two hours making this thing for him. Edward tried to say he couldn't fit in there, but daddy informed him that he could, so he knew that Edward could for sure :) Someone's gonna be sore tomorrow and it isn't Edward.

Since it was literally made right in front of the house, I couldn't get a better shot... Isn't it cool?

What a fun day says Edward! Brrrr, I'm cold, my fingers are burning... That's what I heard a few times today from the little man.


S said...

Super cute pictures. Are those straight out of the camera, or are you savvy with photo actions too. They seem really crisp with extra brightness - maybe that's just the snow. We're expecting 4 - 8 inches on Sunday, so I might get to test out my skills then.

I'm just a simple gal said...

yep, no doctoring needed!! The snow really helped with the brightness :)

Cindy Gay said...

I love the Igloo too. Great pictures! I enjoyed seeing your layouts in the new Scrapbookers Handbook too!

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