February 5, 2014


Do you recycle? My husband rolls his eyes at me because I'll go through the house collecting empty cans and plastic/paper goods to throw into the recycle bin. He thinks it's a waste of time, but I am simply trying to make the world a cleaner place... I am proud to say that I've been recycling for 15 years now.

If you don't recycle, then here are some reasons you should:
The energy saved by recycling just one aluminum can is enough to power a 100-watt bulb for almost four hours or a television for three hours
  • Recycling creates six times the number of jobs as landfilling
  • Each ton of recycled paper can save: 3.5 cubic yards of landfill, 17 thirty foot (pulp) trees, 7,000 gallons of water, 380 gallons of oil, and 4100 kWh of energy
  • Steel recycling saves enough energy each year to equal the electrical power used by 18 million homes in a year – that’s enough energy to last Los Angeles residents for eight years
  • Recycling 1 million laptops saves the same amount of energy as that used by 3,657 U.S. homes in a year
  • (this was all copied from The Green Room) I thought it was interesting and wanted to share it!

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