May 8, 2014

Happy 10th Anniversary to me!

Today is my 10th Anniversary. It's hard to believe that I've been married to this man a decade now... And this October, It will be 15 years that we've been together. Wholey crap... I honestly don't know how we made it this far... I guess I have more patience than I though. Lol. It was fun going through all of my old photos of the two of us. We DID have a lot of good memories and lots of fun... Sometimes it's hard to remember the good times during the hard times, but here it is. I made it to the 10 year mark when most marriages don't even make it to the five year mark. I think we need to celebrate this anniversary!

We met on October 21, 1999. I was at a Shindig hosted by a fraternity in Frostburg. Shindig is a big field party with lots of drinking and partying. All day long, this guy kept flirting with me and he would not stop. I kept blowing him off, telling him I wasn’t interested. The first thing he actually said to me was “How you doing?’ with a southern drawl (he’s from Louisiana). I did not know at the time that I was lying on his blanket. I saw a blanket and just decided to plop down and relax a bit. So I’m lying there and he says, “ummm, that looks mighty tempting.” He just wasn’t going to leave me alone; it was obvious he wasn’t going to take no for an answer.

 Later on that night, my friends set me up. They told me that there was no room in the car to take me back to the bar where everyone was meeting up and that I had to ride with Pete. I had too many drinks to think logically-like how is it that we all got to Shindig together fine and now all of a sudden there is no room? So Pete and I went to the bar together and after a few more Tom Collins, I kissed him and went home alone. The next day, I had bumped into him and he asked me out on a date. I agreed to go on one date just to be nice. We went up to Deep Creek Lake, MD and walked around and talked. Little did I know I’d marry him… almost 15 years later, we are still together, going strong through the good and bad times. We have a beautiful son named Edward who we adore. We’ve made something really special. Most of our friends say that we have a different kind of relationship than what they are used to seeing… I don’t know exactly what that means but whatever it is, it works for us.

Here are most of the photos that include the two of us!

And here are some old layouts of us. Back in the days when I scrapped 12x12 layouts! It's so fun to see how far I've come with my scrapbooking.

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

This is such a sweet post, Nicole!
Happy Anniversary!!!

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