May 29, 2014


Sunday afternoon I was playing on the computer when I hear, "mommy, I need your help. There's a lizard in the house!" When I looked over, he's holding a broom and dust pan. LOL. Apparently, the lizard got in through the sliding glass door and when he went to grab it by it's tail, it bit him. Do lizards even have teeth? I don't know, but I didn't want to find out. When I asked where it was, Edward said underneath the couch. Good... there's a starting point.

So we go downstairs and I got Pete to lift the couch up so I could get the little guy. At one point, the lizard went under the foot of the couch and if Pete would have dropped the couch, the thing would have died... but I got him in a bowl so we could let him go outside... But before we let him go, I let Edward hold him for a little bit. 

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