March 31, 2015

Cozy Crop House

I'm honestly not looking forward to this week with Edward still recovering from his surgery. Thank goodness my sister kept him this past weekend so I could get a little break before I battle this week. I thought it would be better since it's been a week, but he is still in so much pain. I really can't imagine... All I can do is hold him and love him and make sure he takes his meds as well as drinking lots of fluids. It's a tough job!

Here are some of the photos I took over the weekend. This was my fourth year going to the Cozy Crop House and I really enjoyed being with some good friends and my mom. The time flew by!! Before I knew it, it was time to come back home to deal with reality... :) Don't ya just love that? Right...

While I was at the house, I realized that I never took any photo of the place the past few times I've been there so I decided to take a few! I forgot to get our bedroom... Maybe next year I'll get it. I'm planning on going back February 26, 2016. It's such a great deal. For the cost of $265.00 bux, you get to stay at the house and crop all weekend and they feed you around the clock!! CHEAP! It's so nice to be able to scrap with no interuptions.

I've never actually sat in this area... who has time to relax when there's scrapping to be done!
I love how this place looks so  cozy. It feels like home everytime I go...
I love the blue curtains in the dining room! Seriously, it's awesome.
Lots and lots of tools. I always forget about this section, but managed to use a few this time!
And I am impressed that I didn't need to buy anything in the store... I had everything that I needed. Notice the pillow at the bottom right side of the photo. It has rows and rows of ribbon that was stitched to the pillow case. This was from our room and the comforter is the same! LOVE IT!
This was Mischelle's second year coming with me! I am so happy that I got her into scrapping. We've been best friends for over 16 years and she finally caved. HAHA! Sucker!
Last year, mom couldn't make it, but she came this year! I was so happy... We don't get enough  time when it's just the two of us... She usually watches Edward so I can get a break.
Until next year! Off to mail my check for mom and I.


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