May 3, 2015

Beautiful day!

It was so nice outside today. Absolutely beautiful. Edward drove his little car up and down the street for awhile and then he and Hamlet played in the front yard a bit. I got to talk to our neighbor Winnie. I haven't talked to her in awhile so it was nice chatting with her for a little bit.
When I went out back to get Hamlet, I looked down and saw this little shell and thought to myself, "that can't be a baby boxing turtle". So I got closer and I was able to see his little head and eyes poking out! I was so excited. I carefully picked him up and took him out front to show Edward. He never peeked out again... He was afraid. We put him in our garden with some water in the shade. Hopefully, he will be ok.

I am really glad I saw him because if Hamlet would have stepped on him out back, he would have crushed the little guy with his hooves. I went back to check on the turtle, but he was gone. Edward wanted to keep him, but I have enough on my hands with having Hamlet. haha
Do you see the pink on Hamlet? That is Meme's chalk that he got into. He made such a mess and it will not come out of the carpet. Good thing I caught him because there was an entire box on the floor. He had chalk suck in his hooves, all over his mouth... it was awful! I still can't get it all off.

Edward keeps trying to ride on Hamlet like a horse...

They are buds. I love this one... a bit blurry, but still a keeper.


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