May 7, 2015

Cole Bros. Circus

We took Edward to the circus tonight. We only stayed for the first half which lasted until 9:00! Edward had a blast. He got some cotton candy, a sword and a blow up shark. He was in heaven. We didn't get to go last year so we made up for it this year.

I wasn't sure if Parker was gonna make it, but we ran into him and his parents. Edward was beyond excited.

Edward wanted to ride on the elephant and I've never done it, so I figured now was the time before we don't see them in circuses anymore. I know that most places are sending them to a rescue place in Florida so they aren't mistreated.

What a nice shot!

Parker wanted some cotton candy so Edward and him shared. Best buds forever.

This man gets us every time. We simply cannot get away with not buying Edward one. LOL. The first thing he told me yesterday was that he needed a new sword when we go to the circus. He initially got a skull sword, but then he wanted the one Parker had... Twenty minutes later, Pete asked the guy if we could exchange it... he was nice enough to let us. Edward was happy. Mommy isn't... the new sword makes noises.

Can I just say, I am so thrilled that I got this shot. It's freaking awesome!

Edward's favorite part of the circus was when the "GURL" placed the tigers in their individual spots. He was impressed.

I thought these guys were neat. They sat in a chair, jump roped on the line and the man walked across the line blind folded. He fell the first time and there wasn't a net, but he caught himself. Scary stuff!


This was insane... seriously. The man lit the metal rod on fire and hopped on over. You could see the sweat dripping down his face. He is still on the rope!

There were two dudes on their bikes with a girl in the cage standing in the middle... I would have been so nervous... Then the girl came out and another biker got in. There were three bikers riding in this small cage. So cool. I enjoyed it

Next year, I am hoping we can take Edward to the big circus in Baltimore!

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