July 23, 2015


I am a bit jealous. Edward got to go to LEGOLAND and I didn't. I am pouting with a sad face as I type this. I introduced Legos to Edward when he was two. I remember building Legos in front of him and pointing to the booklet to show him how I knew how to do it. By the time he was three, he understood that the book has directions on how to put several pieces of blocks together in order to make something spectacular.

I love that he is now 5 years old and can build a Lego set meant for an 8-13 year old all by himself. I am raising one smart little boy and I am so very proud of him and HAPPY for him that he got to experience LEGOLAND with his daddy and Meme. My day will come when take him. Hopefully, sometime next year. I'd love to stay at the LEGOLAND hotel. That would be amazing... seriously. Can you imagine being a kid, staying in a big Lego hotel?

Meme and daddy sent me a few photos that I am excited to share with you. Some of the displays are AMAZING! And unbelievable.



I am sure these pictures just doesn't even do it justice... I will just have to wait until I go next year!

1 comment:

Leeann Pearce said...

seriously how cool does legoland look...great photos!

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