August 24, 2015

Play date with Parker

Today, was a fun day. We had Parker over for the day. We went to the Park for awhile then to McDonalds so they could play. These kids bicker so much... they fight like brothers, but they love each other so much. It's a love-hate relationship between these two. LOL

Here are some of my favorite pictures from today. I got a lot of good ones. :) First thing's first. I just love this one. hehe. These boys are mischievous. Just look at their faces.

I love that I made something so beautiful... He really is a handsome kid.

Aw, seriously. They are so affectionate.

He used to be able to squeeze between the two trees, but now he's too big.

Best buds forever. Edward will cooperate when it comes to getting his pictures taken with his BFF, but when I want him to get them with me, it's a no.

Give these boys a big stick and they're entertained.

Something about this picture, makes me wanna cry.

This boy knows how to work it... I give him that. He wanted to stay a little longer.

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