September 3, 2015

New school, new friends and soccer

OMG, I am so glad this week is almost over. It's been a long week. Edward survived his first week of Kindergarten. It was a little rough in the beginning because he only knows one friend from pre-school, but he will meet new friends and he will be fine.

He received 3 purples this week and that's a really great, great, great day according to Edward. I am happy for him. He's going to have an awesome year at Millersville Elementary. He's very excited because tomorrow, they are having a pizza party. The class must have been really good this week!

Edward is off to some bigger things this year. A new school, new friends and next week, he will start soccer! Fun, fun, fun. Let the crazy schedules begin.

Edward's teacher, Miss. Greinzer sent me this photo of Edward from his first day of school. Love it! He was a little nervous on his first day of school, but he didn't cry and he did well! I couldn't be more proud of this handsome boy.

Edward is a natural at soccer. He has been playing with his daddy in the yard for the past few years! He is so ready to score a goal or two.

It was really muggy today so when I tried to take a few photos outside, the camera fogged up... I'm totally ready for the fall.

Daddy took Edward to buy a new soccer ball, cleats and shin guards at Dicks today after school. I am not surprised that Edward picked green and he made sure that he matched. HAHA, Love this boy!! He's got good taste... expensive taste like his mommy. I won't hold it against him, it's not his fault.

These are a little blurry because Edward couldn't stand still, but I still like them. :)

And here's a picture that I took from last weekend. He's such an awesome kid even when he throws water balloons at me.

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Tyra Babington said...

Nicole! I love this! Thanks for sharing about your baby's first week of Kindergarten! I have a little one in Kindergarten as well and he just told me today that he need's a big kid water bottle because his current one looks like a sippy cup :) You reminded me I need to document these special times :)

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