October 27, 2015


This is Edward's last week of soccer until next fall. It sure has kept me busy these past two months. I am actually glad it's almost over because these last few weeks have been cold on that field! And Edward doesn't do cold... In fact, on Monday, he had ZERO interest in playing, partly because he was cold and grumpy, while fighting a cold. Poor thing. Here are a few of my favorite soccer photos from these past two months.

My little organizer... He lined up the balls so he could be cool and jump over them. Look at Peek-A-Boo's face. She is not pleased. haha

I tried to get a decent team picture, but Edward was not cooperating. And we only had  out of 12 team mates that showed up.

These kids were fun to watch. Seriously, they picked up real quick. Next year, they are going to be great. :)

Edward claims that he doesn't like soccer, but he is always smiling and laughing on the field. He enjoys it, I think.

I really like Coach Russ, he did such a great job with the kids. He has a lot of patience...

Doesn't it look like Edward is enjoying himself? 

Love this... enough said. He's such a cutie.

Look closely... do you see what I see? A new bond. Love it. So sweet. Edward and Ben had so much fun together. They are two goofy, funny kids.

Edward was rocking it out on the field, dancing.

Edward was always near the coach's daughter. :) She's a pretty little thing.

One more game! Thank goodness. The question is what do we sign up for next? I am thinking about swim lessons for the spring, but need to find something to keep him busy this winter.

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