December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas Edward!

This morning, I woke up at 9:00am. when I heard Edward turn on his Kindle. I really thought he'd be running into my room to wake mommy and daddy up, but he watched his shows. Then around 10am, I heard his door click open so I kept my eyes closed. I heard him run down the hall and he immediately started laughing as he ran into the room to wake me up. He sounded so sweet when he woke me up, "Mommy, Santa came. He brought me more presents than last year! Come see."

He was so excited that he let me snap away with my camera this morning. I didn't take too many pictures because I was just sitting back, enjoying Edward's happiness! So precious. Pete and I are so fortunate that we were able to give him a big Christmas this year. Honestly, this year, we did not spend a great deal of money on him for toys. He pretty much saved his money for the toys he wanted to buy so that is why we made Christmas soooo GOOOD.
He made this little heart out of candy canes all on his own. Clever boy.
Edward opened his gifts in Poppy's chair.
Pete got him is very own little R2. Edward got a big kick out of this gift! He is his daddy's son.
Here's what he got. Six Legos, Sticker books, puzzles, Star Wars sheets and blanky, Star Wars box to hold his Lego, A light up Car, A Maze Game and some other things.
After Edward finished opening his gifts. Pete asked him if he received everything he wanted and Edward said yes because he really did. Throughout all of the excitement this morning, he forgot all about the Ewok Village that he REALLY wanted. So Pete said, "yea, but you didn't get the Ewok Village that you wanted, did you?" And Edward's poor face fell apart as he shook his head no. He was trying to avoid acting ungrateful, but it was hard. So Pete had him go downstairs with him to let Hamlet out... And that's when they discovered that Santa dropped a gift in the chimney... His Ewok Village. :)
Pete said when Edward saw the gift in the chimney, he got excited, yelling, "this might be my Ewok Village!" I'd say that this will be a Christmas that Edward will remember. :)

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