February 21, 2016

Happy 6th Birthday Edward

Today is an exciting day! My darling son is now 6 years old and we had such a great time celebrating with 10 of his friends at Chuck E. Cheese's. He was so worried last night that we would get up in time for his party since it was at 11:00am. He asked if I could give him an alarm. HAHA, I promised him that I would not forget to wake up! And just to be safe, I scheduled my alarm for 9:00am. I didn't really matter because I was up long before then because Pete was snoring so loud this morning. So annoying.

Anyway, everyone who RSVP'ed to Edward's party came even if they were a little late. I felt terrible because I didn't invite Edward's friend Riley. I did not realize that Riley went to his school. :( So next year, I will make sure Riley is invited! I tried to keep the invitations under 25 because if everyone wanted to come, that party was going to get expensive and I couldn't just invite a few of Edward's classmates. I believe that if you invite one from the class, you invite all of them. No child is left behind! Here are a few photos from this morning. Edward loved his Storm Trooper cake that my friend Kelly made. She was upset because she tried to make an R2 cake, but it fell apart so this was what she came up with. I thought it looked great and Edward loved it so that's all that matters.

Seriously, Edward's face... he cracks me up. LOL

He LOVED his cake. Can't you tell? Priceless

Little man's friends knew just what to get him for his birthday... Lots of Legos! Thank goodness he can do him by himself now. LOL

His cake. Cool right?!

All week, Edward kept talking about the ticket booth. He couldn't wait to get the tickets. Aunt Jamie and Matt brought a big shirt so he could get the tickets! He got all of the big tickets. Over 2,000 tickets in which he spent wisely.

Seriously, these kids were looking everywhere but at me. Oh well.

These two... :) Matt's family called Edward to sing happy birthday to him. So sweet. Jamie picked a good man... he is so good to my son. I can't wait until Mat and Jamie gets married and starts popping out babies. :)

LOVE. It was a GREAT day. Next year, we will be partying at a Laser Tag place since Edward will be old enough.

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mackyton said...

Yeah birthdays are always exciting. I always get more excited than my kids on their birthdays. I always try to make their day special. On my daughter’s birthday I am going to host a grand party at a local event venue. I have loads of ideas in my brain thanks to Instagram and Pinterest.

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