March 22, 2016

blah, blah, blah

Hello everybody. What do you think of this month's exclusive papers? Like it? I love the Blah, blah, blah paper because it's something that my son often says to me when I am talking! I know, rude right? Rather than keep the paper white, I decided to use my watercolor paints to create a multi-colored background. And I love that the paper has a nice finish to it which helped prevent the paper from tearing!

Rather than use a regular paint brush, I prefer using the aqua brushes because they hold the water in the brushes which allows you to control the water flow more easily.

Some areas got a little more water than I had intended, but it still worked out. I simply dabbed the paper with a paper towel to help prevent the paints from running together.

A few close ups:

There goes those adorable acrylic French fries again. :)

Thank you for stopping by today!

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