March 26, 2016

Ringling And Bailey Bros Circus

One of my favorite childhood memories is going to the circus! I remember my mom taking me once and the school another. I really thought Edward would enjoy it, but honestly, he didn't really enjoy it as much as I hoped. I am guessing the first half was a doozy because he is not a big fan of clowns... and a lot of the first half involved clowns dancing around.

However, during the second half, I heard him get excited a few times. He really enjoyed the bikes, elephants, walking dogs and tigers and so did I. Here are my favorite shots. I was just getting over the flu and I honestly should have stayed home. But momom bought the tickets a month ago, and I didn't want to miss it. :(

This lady was holding a big snake. Yuck.

The camels were really neat! I didn't realize you can train camels to dance.

I must admit, I was slightly bummed that they still had elephants. There were protesters out front and they made me sad because I am with them... Elephants belong in the wild, but if we did not go to see them, they would be worse off in my opinion. Regardless, if we pay to go to circus or not, these elephants need to be fed and part of our admissions pay for their food. And I was looking closely to see if they looked neglected in any way and they didn't have any visible marks which made me feel better. I love elephants. They are beautiful and smart creatures and it breaks my heart to know that most elephants are abused in the circus. :(

More clowns. :)

This guy is nuts. This is so dangerous. You couldn't pay me enough to do something like this to entertain others...

These tigers are beautiful... seriously. I love WHITE tigers.

This dog was walking all over the place. teehee... literally.

I really couldn't believe how smart these poodles were. Look at them holding each other up, getting ready for a smaller pup to jump over their paws.

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