May 6, 2016

Edward's art...

Hello everyone. I don't have much to share. And no, I am not sharing a layout today. :) I decided to share a few of my son's most recent art work. His Meme lives in Florida and I know that she checks my blog from time-to-time so I wanted to share a few little things.

Edward made this fun little painting a little while ago when they were learning about how to protect the earth by recycling! I love this so much because I have been recycling for over 16 years. My family thinks I am crazy because I am always looking in the trash to make sure there are no bottles etc.

And since it's Teacher's appreciation week, I had Edward draw Miss. Geinzer a card to go along with her gift we bought her. When I asked Edward what he wanted to buy Miss. Geinzer, he mentioned that she really likes candy. And he wanted to get her a cooler. We got her lots of candy, a new cup from Starbucks that Edward picked out and a gift card. He loves Miss. Geinzer and so do I. She is such a great teacher. He has learned SO much this year and knows all 60 sight words. I am one proud mommy. This summer, we will be starting the sight words for 1st grade!

Isn't this picture too cute for words? He drew the entire Minecraft crew. My little artist.

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