August 22, 2016

1st day of 1st grade

Wow. Seriously, I cannot believe I have a 1st grader! I scheduled my flex day for today so I could take him to school on his first day and pick him up right after school. This morning, I took a few photos before we left, but they had too much light on his face from the sun glaring down on him. He was quiet on the way to school this morning. I asked if he was nervous and he shook his head; he wasn't fooling me. I just told him he has nothing to be nervous about because he already knew half his classmates from last year! I walked him into the school and walked out with no tears! ha.

When I arrived to school to pick him up, he was upset because he wanted daddy to pick him up. He pitched a fit. This is unlike him so when he does things like that, I know something's wrong. I gently explained to him that daddy was at work and I told him this morning I was picking him up. He stalked some more.

I stayed quiet, hoping he'd tell me what happened and then he quietly told me that a someone had hit him in the nose during gym class. I asked if it was a boy or girl and his response was, "A boy. It's a good thing it was a boy because girls are more powerful and if a girl had hit me, it would have hurt." I had to smile. He is so cute. He said the boy hit him and told Edward that he wasn't his friend. I asked what he did, he said nothing because he was at school. He said if he hadn't been at school, he would have punched the kid in his face. Not nice... but he had sense enough not to do it. I told him to tell the teacher next time because I didn't want the kid to think it was okay hitting on Edward... I tried to explain to Edward what a bully was, but I don't think he understood me.

Overall, it was a successful day and he was smiling after a bit. He likes his teacher Mrs. Neich and I hope it continues! Here are much better photos that I took AFTER school. Once we talked about his day.

Have a wonderful day!

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