August 5, 2016

Welcome Toby and Jessica!

Happy Friday! So exactly, one week ago, I gave Pete the go-ahead to take Edward to the Anne Arundel County Animal Shelter so he can pick out a kitty. Edward has been asking for a kitty for over a year now and it's gotten so bad that he has been collecting "stuffed" kitties. I just couldn't take it anymore. I felt terrible...

I mean, what's one more to add along with our 4 Betas and Potbelly pig? Right? Right! So last Friday, my husband texted me and asked me to stop by the pet store to buy some cat food and litter. Once I was there, I wanted to buy cute little bowls and wondered if Edward got a male or female. The boys weren't home when I got home.

When I got home, I walked into Edward's room to check on this little kitty and found him peeking out of his little crate. He had such a cute little face; all black and white. I fell in love right away. He is such a tiny little thing! I left the room for a few minutes to grab the little box and some food to get everything set up. As I was finishing up with the litter box, I turned around and spotted a little brown face and thought, "what the hell? I could have sworn his face was black and white." Then I thought, "oh no..., why were there two bags from the shelter on the table?"

I got up off the floor and went to the kitchen and started looking through the bags and found two sets of records. One for a 3 1/2 month old kitty named Toby and one for a 3 1/2 old kitty named Tilly (Edward changed her name to Jessica since grandma has a dog named Tilly). I texted Pete and told him he must be looking for a death wish. Two kitties??

As soon as Edward got home, he asked if I knew that he got two kitties... He explained to me that they were siblings; brothers and sisters and he couldn't take one and not the other. I agree and I totally love his heart... he is so thoughtful, but I don't want to clean after two kitties. I barely want to do it for one... but I will do it because it makes my son HAPPY. I mean look at his face.

And here is Toby! He definitely feels more comfortable with me, but that's fine because Jessica totally loves Edward and purrs every time Edward pets and cuddles her. So precious.

Initially, I was worried about how Hamlet would be with the kitties. However, last night, we let Hamlet inside of Edward's room where the kitties have been all week and Hamlet was scared shitless. I guess he thought, "uh oh, there are 2 of them and 1 of me. haha The kitties were very interested in Hamlet. They really like him.

Until next time... Have a wonderful weekend!


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Gia said...

Love this story- even I was won over by E's face! What kills me though are those pics of Hamlet- I can't even.....

Christine Kiehl said...

They are simply adorable kitties! And yes! Look at your sons sparkling eyes and this is the one snapshot of that! Cats have brought so much joy to our lives too! Cute PB pig also! What a funny playful mix of fins and four legged you have given homes too! Thank you for sharing the pics and the story! I enjoyed it very much!