September 17, 2016

Fun Night

Hello all. Last night, we had a fun night. We spent a few hours down at the beach with some friends. Grilled burgers, had a few drinks and let the kids play.

I took this opportunity to get a few photos of Edward and Pete. I do not take enough pictures of these two. Never mind the fact that Edward is wearing a winter sweater in September. He LOVES this sweater.

Of course had to get a few shots of me and my little man. Actually, Edward wanted to get a picture with his mommy. That would be a first! I'll take it!

After we spent some time down the beach, Angela, Brian, Pete and I decided to take the kiddies to the fair! The kids were beyond excited. The things we do for our darling children. Even after a long week at work... Poor Edward could only get on rides for kids 42" tall. He needed to be 48" to get on the rides that Sydney wanted to get on. :( He has a lot of growing to do! My poor little guy.

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