January 22, 2017

Story Kits

I've been scrapping all day and it feels good! Most of the time, I am creating layouts for Pretty Little Studio, Just Nick Studio and Clique Kits and I love it. But sometimes, I like using what I like from my stash. This year, I really want to get back into journaling more on my layouts so I subscribed to Ali Edwards' story kits again. I subscribed for a year and then I took a break for a year because I never used her kits! So far, I have been using them which makes me happy because her kits really help push me to tell my stories!

Today, I scrapbooked three layouts and they all included a good amount of journaling. Here are the two layouts I created using Ali's Numbers and Surprise kit with a few other embellishments from older story kits. For the first layout, I just focused on 38 things about this 38 year old woman. Just random stuff... whatever came to mind, I listed it.

And of course I had to scrapbook a layout about the Women's march in Washington, D.C. and all over the world that happened yesterday! I wish I could have gone!! WOW... Women kick ass.

Thanks for stopping by today! If you haven't seen Ali's story kits, you should check them out! Click here!


1 comment:

Cindy Gay said...

Love the bio in the background!

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