August 1, 2017

One Little Word: Playing Catchup!

Hi everyone. I must admit, I am not good with month-to-month prompts such as One Little Word by Ali Edwards. I signed up for this class in January to focus on improving myself and trying to be a better mom by not ruining a perfectly good moment with my son because I am simply tired, burnt out and just unhappy...

I've been doing really good this year even though I haven't been following the class lessons. LOL. I just do my own thing. The most important thing here is to follow through with my goals... the documenting doesn't always have to be right now...

So today, I was a few months behind. I had nothing for June and July so that's what I did this morning! I am feeling pretty positive and proud of myself for how far I've come. My son and I have both been so happy and we have soooo much fun now that I have started taking vitamins (my happy pills) and working out 5 days a week. It really helps my stress. Gosh, I had no idea how much exercising could change my life, but it totally works.

Also, finding time for ME is very important. It's tough finding that time since my husband is only home 2 days a week, but I manage.

Here are a few pages I've had from a few months that I didn't share  yet... This was the from the Mood Board challenge. This was FUN! I got to play with stencils and mists.

Sharing a few precious moments with my darling son. I need to  back and print a few more photos of the two of us and put them in the book. It's a work in progress.

And here are the pages I completed this morning. Initially I was trying to say within the same color palette, but it was driving me crazy... so my album totally does not match, but that's OK because it's sort of like a diary for me so it doesn't matter as long as I continue recording my progress. Right? Right!

How are you doing with your One Little Word. What is your process? Do you set time each month to do them or are you like me, do a few at one time?

Thanks for visiting today!

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