September 16, 2017


One word that summed of our time at the fair last night...Epic! Edward was so excited because is grew two inches this year! Which meant that he could go on most of the rides. Unlike last year, he had to go on the kiddy rides and he was quite bummed. I was sad for him...

But not this year! Man, he got on every ride he could in the three hours we were at the fair. He has no fear! If Sydney got on the ride, so did he. I had such a great time watching him have fun. Seriously, it was so awesome. While he got on the rides, I ate junk; a lot of it... Funnel Cakes, cheese fries, pretzel bits... we all shared. LOL All night, I kept hearing Edward yell out, "that was epic!"

The bracelets were definitely the way to go...

These two... they are two years apart, but so close. Best buds forever.

I looked over and saw my son beaming!!! SERIOUSLY, I cannot get enough of his handsome face. He is so precious.

They did not stop... they ran from one place to the next. There was no time to be wasted. And the lines weren't that bad! We made out going on a Friday night...

The girls made sure Edward made the cut for every ride. Hehe 48", not a hair to spare!

I wanted to throw up watching them on this thing... I used to be able to go on rides... not anymore. I get too sick from motion sickness.

Edward was dancing, waiting in line to get on the UFO. His FAVORITE ride of the night. He waited 2 years to get on this thing! LOL. He liked how the seats went up and the music.

Edward did not want to go on the swing, but I told him he had to because Sydney went on every single ride he wanted... he didn't argue after that.

I think this was their next favorite ride. They got on it a few times.

They both went on the Ferris wheel. It was pretty big too. I thought about going on this, but chickened out at the last minute... I am afraid of heights.

They are at the very top... :)

What a great time we had together with our friends! Can't wait to do it again next year.

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