December 29, 2017

Hello... I love you...

Hello, it's me again! Two months ago, I had to give Hamlet up to a farm. This was a hard thing for me to do, but he needed to be on a farm with other pigs... He became too aggressive to handle. I researched Pig Sanctuaries up and down the east coast looking for a good place for him. I wanted to find a farm that would treat him well. After being on Whispering Rise Farm's wait list for some time, they offered to take him. Sure, I cried a lot...not going to lie, but it was the best thing for Hamlet. And I cried making this layout too. My heart is still a little broken.

I really like the peach and teal colors on this layout. It really makes the layout pop with the orange giraffe. I decided to use the hello journal card for the title of my layout.
I used the cut-apart labels to hand journal my story below the photo. Then I used the I love you cut-apart flag as a sub-title on the bottom of the photos. And I can never get enough of those sticker words...
I added a few more cut-apart flags at the bottom.
Pretty Little Studio Beautiful Day Patterned Paper/Park Bench, Rose Dots,  Cut-Aparts/Good Stuff, MyEveryday Flags, Park Bench, Picnic Labels, Journaling/Right Now 4x6, Stickers/Hello Words/Mint, Die-Cuts/Colorful Blooms
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