February 3, 2018

But first, let me take a selfie

Good evening friends. I've been having so much fun playing with Vicki Boutin's All the Good Things collection. Today, I spent a few hours, on and off adding stuff here and there to this layout. I just love how this turned out. I think it's my favorite so far this year. I am definitely going to be creating more mixed media layouts this year... I've found my calling. LOL...

To begin, I scribbled some circles on to a 12x12 plastic sheet in two different shades of blue and a green. Then I sprayed water onto the plastic to blend with the crayons. I used the end of a paintbrush to mix the water with the crayon, being careful not to blend the colors. Once I was satisfied with the colors, I layed a piece of white cardstock over the plastic (carefully so I did not smear the image). I pressed down gently then lifted the paper off of the plastic. I didn't worry too much about weather it was perfect...

Once the layout was completely dry, I used the blue ink pad and a stencil to add the writing in the background. And that completed the background! Then I added the embellishments and stamps etc. This layout definitely took some time in between each step, but it was well worth it.

And most important...it was FUN!

For the bottom of the layout, I hand-cut the flowers from the patterned paper to use as a border for the bottom of the photos. Then I added the die cuts and hand-cut flower. Notice the rub-on butterflies too. The rub-ons in this collection are really nice quality and they go on paper really nicely.

I used the roller stamp to stamp the "<3 this" phrase at the bottom of the frame. Then I added the butterfly rub-on and a few stickers to complete the frame. I inked the edges of the butterfly to make it pop a little bit.

At the last minute, I decided I wanted to add a chandelier. So I added some washi tape at the top and side of the layout so the stamp would not go outside the lines... then stamped my image. Once I stamped the image, I removed the washi. PERFECT!

So do you have any new techniques you've been using on your layouts? Have you tried out Vicki's crayons? They are super fun.

Thanks for visiting today!

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