November 18, 2007

Cambridge, MD

Hello! Just got back from Cambridge, MD today. My friend Renee and I had such a great time at the spa resort! The massage and facial was awesome. The best... We also had a great time at the bars in Cambridge. The locals were soooo much fun. Everyone was friendly and a lot of fun! There were marines there and i was sure to let them know that I appreciate everything that they do for our country. One guy I spoke with, he is currently stationed in Maryland and his wife is in California. They plan to have a baby when he gets home soon. Renee and I had the best time together. We laughed so hard all weekend.

Here are some photos that i took while we were away, just a few. We were having too much fun instead of taking photos :)


Gigi said...

Whoa! Beautiful photos Nicole! I'm glad you had a great time...just what the doctor ordered.

Samantha said...

I'm so glad you had a great time. You deserve it!!