November 27, 2008

From the first moment I held you, I knew you were mine.

Daisy was so cute this morning. Paw Paw decided to sleep in with daddy which left Daisy bored! Everywhere I went she was following me around. Of course I felt bad for her and gave her a greenie to occupy her. She's such a sweet girl. I do love her. No matter what, she is always with me. If I am in the scraproom, she's on the floor next to my feet sleeping, If I am watching tv, she's snuggled in my lap, In the morning, she walks me to the door to wish me a good day...,When she gets in trouble, she warms my heart with her sad face, when I come home from work, she's at the front door wagging her little curly tail and yodeling at me, at night, she lays with her head next to mine most times, or she'll lay her head on my stomach. Love my baby and I think she loves me too.

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