September 25, 2009

Fun day at the park

Since I didn't have to work yesterday, Pete and I decided to take the dogs to the park one last time before it gets cold. They love going but when we get there, they pretty much stay to themselves. Paw Paw will socialize with the other dogs for a bit but not Daisy. Anything that goes near her she hides behind Pete's leg or she'll give a small growl that says back off! Lol. But she still had a great time. She just likes to watch the other dogs run around and play. I swear she thinks that she's human... or maybe she's too good for the other dogs? My little diva dog. Here are some of my favorite photos from yesterday. I wanted to take them down to the beach but we didn't have much time since I had to be home in time for my 6pm class.

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