October 13, 2009

Happy Tuesday!

Hello all! I was going to say Happy Monday but realized that it's Tuesday. (Since I had off yesterday, so thats throwing me off). Anyways, I had a doctor's appointment today. I only gained 3.5 pounds so I was happy... It beats the last gain of 9.5 pounds! The doctor says that everything looks great however... she said from this point forward... no sex! omg! Since my placenta is a bit thin she doesn't want to take the chance. I also asked about my final due date and it is February 24th. I went ahead and got a flu shot today... I didn't want to but what the heck... what's another needle right? And to be honest, she was done and I didn't even notice! Not nearly as bad as having my blood drawn. Mom's coming Thanksgiving weekend to paint the baby's room :) yeah and then I can start putting the room together.

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Monica said...

Woo HOO! So exciting!! What color is little Edward's room going to be?