October 26, 2009

What happened to my cart?

So I decided to get off my butt today and go to the grocery store... It went well until I decided to leave the cart for a minute to check out the ice cream isle :) And when I went back to get my cart it was gone. I stood there thinking, "What the hell happened to my cart?" It was just here... for a minute. So I start looking around... maybe someone moved it to the side... but then I spot a woman in the line with my cart... I saw the yogurt in the front... and started walking towards her. She was starring off in space as I approached her, I said politely... (even when I was irritated) ma'am, you've got my cart... I'm not sure where yours is but I need you to take your cookies and give me my cart back so I can get out of here." LOL... And I did feel bad for her because she was totally oblivious! She kept apologizing and I kept saying it's okay...

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