November 6, 2009

The hubby finds a new activity

So last night when I got home from work, Pete was making mashed potatoes and steaks for dinner. I walk into the house and he tells me "perfect timing." And it did smell so good! So while we were eating, hubby was telling me about his new activity. He tells me that he ran three times in one day. I just looked at him, trying not to laugh... So instead of laughing right away, I asked him how far did he run... He tells me "up to the hill" making it seem like a long run... But in reality, it's only about 2 blocks up our street... might not even be two blocks! And i'm supose to be impressed? So I asked him what made him decide to get up from the computer chair and run. He tells me "well, I need to get into shape if I'm going to join the Navy." Yes... he's still thinking he's still young enough to join if he can manage to get into shape... I just don't see it happening... I mean, the idea sounds great but Pete likes to sit at the computer 12 hours a day playing computer games, not working out. And when i mentioned this to Pete, he pokes me in the arm, "feel this, do you know how fast I can move this finger? I kill lots of people in one night with the push of this finger." LMAO, crazy man. That's about all he can do! What about the dishes, the vacuming, the dusting, the laundry, the grocery shopping, the pet store runs, the bathrooms? When I mention these, he replies that it's a woman's job... Some days, I wish I was a man so that all I was responsible for doing would be to take the trash out and maybe load the dish washer... oh and pay the bills.

1 comment:

CamillaE said...

LMBO at your hubby's killing finger!

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