December 6, 2009

Wait, I thought we were just doing lunch?

So yesterday, I met my mom and best friend Mischelle at "The Grille" for lunch at 12:00. After we ate, mom insisted that Mischelle take me to finish my baby registry at BabysRus and start one at Target as well. Mischelle knows me too well... I am not a huge fan on shopping! I have no interest... Normally, I go to the mall, get what I need specifically and get out. So we went to finish the registry. It took about 4 hours, we were done by 5ish. I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought! We actually had a great time... the baby stuff is just too cute! I can't wait! I did make the mistake of trying out several rockers... it was hard for me to get up and motivated to shop again. LOL. I was so comfortable! Mischelle just looked at me smiling. (She will be the baby's God Mother). I love her like a sister and she has always been there for me, for the past 11 years! We went to college together years ago. Lots of fun memories :)

Well I've got a really busy day ahead of me! So better get going... oh wait... The hubby is still nesting.... He scrubbed the family room floor, windows etc yesterday! He also got rid of tons of furnisher and moved the upstairs furnisher downstairs! Our goal is to redo the upstairs and get new furnisher for when the baby comes. I'm so excited that everything is coming along. Now Pete just needs to do the bathrooms and rip up the carpet since we have wood floors, and I'll get throw rugs for upstairs.

And after the baby comes, I'm going to paint the kitchen, diningroom and livingroom...

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