November 5, 2007

Tips on getting published!

Tips on Getting Published!
It has worked for me…

1. When you send your layouts to be considered for publication, be sure to include a note thanking the reviewer for considering your work for publication!
2. Send a clean scan of your layouts when you submit for calls eliminating distracting objects in the background.
3. Techniques/design notes with photos and instructions help because it shows that you are willing to share your tips with others and by doing this, you are helping scrappers step out of the box and learn something new!
4. I know that some scrappers will only submit if he or she has a layout that’s already done that fits the call… But I have to be honest here; I’ve had lots of success with creating layouts specifically for the call.
5. Do not keep sending the same old layouts, create new layouts to submit and try to scrap a variety of themes instead of just one subject.
6. Double layouts tend to be appealing to the editors! I’ve had 4 selected for publication… they almost always get picked up because most people shy away from these types of layouts.
7. Submit to the more obscure calls; if there’s a call for baby, vacation, school, all about you, family, hobbies, love layouts, go for calls that you think people would avoid due to the requirements.
8. Great photos, journaling and a title are a must! The layouts/projects that I’ve had chosen to be published included all of these elements. If the title and photo speak for themselves then you may be able to get away with having no journaling.
9. Send one project/layout per email!
10. Make sure your title is visible and easily seen without other distracting objects or photos in the way.
11. And most importantly, watch your spelling!

Good luck in getting published!

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Rach H said...

Great tips! Thanks!!

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