February 6, 2010

The furbabies finally got to go out today

OMG, I think it's finally stopped snowing. We have like 3 feet of snow out there! My husband has been out shoveling for hours while I slept for hours LOL. Hey, I'm pregnant remember? So I get the get out of jail free card. (It's nice too. LOL). Anyways, this morning when the dogs woke me up for their morning walk, I opened the front door and they both looked at me with the "go to hell look" they were not going out there...and they honestly couldn't... The snow was over their heads! After Pete shoveled, the dogs had fun running around the car a few times unleashed because they weren't going anywhere anyways lol. They managed to find a small spot behind the bushes to potty. My silly hubby thought he could get the trunk out... and then he came in after trying awhile and says "were not going anywhere" I just looked at him like "duh!" Earlier I was going crazy cause the power cut off a few times and the internet went out for awhile as well... now it's back so I'm happy! Stay room!

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