February 8, 2010

We got plowed!

Wow! we've been in this house for almost 7 years and we have never been plowed because we are on a dead end street in a small community so imagine my surprise when I heard a truck last night on our street. At first I heard it and though, "yea, good luck to whoever thinks that they are getting out..." but then I saw moving headlights and was shocked! Someone was plowing our street at 11:45 pm. I thought to myself, "there is a God!" While Pete was outside shoveling today, he was talking to the neighbors. It was then that he learned that all of our neighbors on our street called the city. Everyone called, demanding and screaming that "we get plowed because there's a pregnant woman due any day on our street." Which of course made me feel good. I actually have neighbors who care! Apprarently when Winnie said "what happens if she goes in labor?" The woman on the other end replied, "call 911." This pissed Winnie off which put her in a screaming fit, "they can't get to her!!" So every one of my neighbors fought for me this year to get the road plowed and it worked. I feel so much better now... I've been so worried about going into labor and not being able to get out... Scary thoughts!!!


Michele Brooks said...

Oh nice! It's always a pain in the butt when the plow doesn't hit your street!

KateB said...

yeah, I so understand...we're here with what 45 inches and since we have a dead end street tucked inthe back of the subdivision, we too get no plow!!!