March 21, 2010

Guess who's 1 month today?

Oh my goodness... I can't believe that my baby boy is one month old today! The past month has been a blur and has sped by fast! I was just talking to mom yesterday about this... telling her that I've done nothing this past month! But she reminded me that I have been taking care of the little man, making sure he's eating and taken care of... Good point! That's been a lot of work but it's getting easier as the days go by. I'm enjoying every moment too because he won't always be this tiny!

Here are a few shots I took of my mom's dog Zac and momom's dog Tilly. Aren't they the cutest?

Yesterday mom and I went to get a pedicure and man did I need it. It's been nine months since my toes received any tending, loving, care. hehe. Aren't they prettiful?

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