March 15, 2010

Spent the day with mom

So yesterday, mom picked Edward and I up around 11 am to spend the day at her house with Aunt Jamie and Katie as well. Gives us both a new scenary since mommy hasn't been able to leave the house due to a c-section. We had a nice relaxing day! Mom and the girls held the baby and I read, did some magazine work and relaxed a bit. Mom took the baby to church around 5 and I napped. When she got home, Jamie stripped Edward and put on a bathing suit and she and Edward got a bath. He absolutely loved it! Will upload pictures in a bit. Jamie had a great time until I heard her screaming from the livingroom. LOL. Edward decided that he needed to poop and well, there were a few little green terds floating in the tub. So Jamie starts yelling and shortly after that, Edward got scared and started to cry but once Jamie calmed down, he did too and well, that was the end of the bath. LOL. Mom will be sure to pick up baby swimmies for next time.


Zarah said...

Aww! How sweet!!

Mom said...

It was a great day! I love you both so much!
Love Mom

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