April 20, 2010

Rough night

So last night, I had my finance class. Professor Harvey let us out at nine, one hour early because he didn't want to explode our minds... Finance is rough... Good lord, how do people do that as their profession? I'm guessing, they love it and are good with numbers and formulas... Me, not so much. Anyways, to be nice, I went to Taco Bell to get Pete a grilled, stuffed, steak boritto and I decided well I don't like Taco Bell cause it makes me feel like crap and it's so not healthy but I was hungry so I got a boritto too... Came home, Pete was a happy camper. I sat at my desk and ate my boritto at ten o'clock at night and went to bed. The borrito didn't taste so bad... until 3:00 when the baby woke up for his feeding... halfway through his feeding I felt nauseated... OMG, I so did not feel well. At this point, I'm hoping the baby got enough to eat because mommy needs to throw up! So I gently pull him off of me and put him in the crib. Thankfully, he stayed asleep. I ran to the bathroom and puked my guts up for about 10 minutes. That borrito tasted horrible coming up... ugh, every last bit of it including the mild hot sauce... I was sweating so bad... that's how sick it made me... so now, I'm sorry to disappoint my hubby, but there will no longer be a Taco Bell run on Monday nights after class... I don't think I'll ever eat at Taco Bell again... Not after last night.

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