November 7, 2010

Eleven years and 1 month ago

Eleven years and I month ago, you approached me with, "How you doing?" You kept following me around at Shindig in October 1999. My friends tricked me and told me that I had to catch a ride with you if I wanted to get home that night... After a few drinks, I wasn't in the position to argue on the fact that we all went as one so why can't we all fit on the way back... So Pete took me to the pub where we all decided to drink some more... I remember looking over at Pete thinking he was the cutest man ever and kissed him right at the bar... Yep, I made the first move. I had just turned 21 too. I agreed to go out on one date with him. We spent the day at Deep Creek Lake, talking and spending time together. From then on, we've been together. This picture was taken in November 1999. We went camping at the beach for the weekend. We had a great time on the beach. My favorite part of was the bonfire that we built at night.

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